Health Partners New England is now TaraVista HealthPartners. We are located at 30 Monument Square, Suite 101, Concord, MA 01742.

About Us


All good partnerships start with a conversation. My many years working as a clinician combined with my years leading health care organizations, have taught me to listen, to learn and how to integrate the feedback of staff, management and patients. 

- Michael Krupa, Ed.D, CEO & Founder


We provide a tailored approach to every partnership aligning our extensive resources to the needs of each client.

TaraVista HealthPartners has worked with over 60 organizations ranging from small group practices to large health systems. Every client faces challenges that are unique to them and to their patient population. We are a boutique firm that can give you and, more importantly, your management and direct care staff, the time and attention required to make sustainable, meaningful change.

Incorporated in 1998 and based west of Boston, TaraVista HealthPartners, brings a proven track record in providing compassionate, evidenced-based care to individuals in need of psychiatric and substance use disorder treatment. We deliver our care at our two flagship behavioral health centers and by working with our partners in supporting the delivery of their behavioral health service lines. We currently employ over 750 staff members at our behavioral health centers and within our managed services.

Meet Dr. Krupa

Throughout my career, I have focused on increasing access to care and improving organizational performance through leadership and team development. The lessons learned - the many successes as well as the things that did not go according to plan - are central to our consulting and business development planning process.

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I am a licensed clinical psychologist with 35 years of clinical and management experience. One of my first work experiences was with a clinic that provided high quality clinical services, with great clinical supervision and consultation but very poor billing processes.  Helping untangle the billing system taught me a great deal about both the importance of well-run systems both financially and for staff morale. This simple experience led me to a career leading organizations.

Following a stint as CEO of what had been the largest behavioral health system in Massachusetts, which was owned by a publicly traded company, I decided to start my own company. Health Partners New England was incorporated in 1998. We went on to manage, consult to, and provide interim leadership for ~60 healthcare organizations in 13 states.

In 2015, Health Partners New England and GFI Partners broke ground on a 78,000 sq. Ft. Facility in Devens, MA to create TaraVista Behavioral Health Center. As of its sixth anniversary of operations, we have cared for ~25,000 patients and their families.  In early 2021 GFI Partners and HPNE purchased a former hospital building and created MiraVista Behavioral Health in Holyoke, MA.

Most recently in 2022, I formed TaraVista HealthPartners as a way to bring together our earlier history of consultation, unit management, and interim leadership with our experience creating full scale, stand-alone hospitals.  Importantly we also incorporate new perspectives on the value of organizational heatlh and purpose and values led care.

Our Flagship Facilities

TaraVista Behavioral Health Center is a regional inpatient treatment center serving Middlesex County, Worcester County and Southern New Hampshire. TaraVista opened in 2016 and is a brand new facility which added 115+  new beds for child, adolescent and adult care to help alleviate a mental health crisis in our communities.

MiraVista Behavioral Health Center was purchased in 2021 after it was announced the facility was closing. We are currently standing up 144 beds in our first 18 months of operation. MiraVista provides inpatient adolescent and adult psychiatric care and a full service line of substance use treatment programs.

Employee and Client Benefits

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Your success is our success. Our client contracts are uniform, easy to understand, and benefit all parties equally. We measure and report our progress in standarized monthly reports.

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We care together. All interventions to improve services, fiscally and clinically, are done collaboratively and with proactive communication to your impacted staff.


We share what we learn. We serve on numerous national, regional and local committees to further both patient and hospital interests of our partners.

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We try new things. Our clinical innovations include creating patient groups that utilize classical literature in recovery, enlisting patient families in CQI efforts, and creating a web-based bed-finding tracking service.


Our employees shape our culture. In additon to providing competive compensation we work hard to care for our team members in the same manner that they care for our patients. 

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Our clients stay with us. We have an unequalled track record for our work with behavior health care management, hospital management services and interim psychiatry services.

What Our Partners Say

Dr. Krupa and TaraVista HealthPartners have provided effective service, in both consultative and management roles, over the past five years for me at two community hospital mental health programs.

- Robert E. Smanik, FACHE, President & CEO, Day Kimball Hospital

I have had the pleasure to work with Dr. Krupa  through Health Partners New England (now TaraVista HealthPartners) at three different hospitals. Dr. Krupa's expertise in the management of behavioral health services is unsurpassed.

- Kathy Schuler MS, RN, CNA, Vice President, Patient Care/CNO, Winchester Hospital

TaraVista HealthPartner's research and recommendations have translated into successful operational growth strategies for Memorial Hermann.

- Matt Feehery, CEO, Memorial Hermann Prevention & Recovery Center, Behavioral Health Services

Dr. Krupa and his staff worked tirelessly with LRGHealthcare staff to develop the program and open the Senior Psychiatric Unit on schedule in October 2005.

- Ellen Wolf, RN, MS, Vice President Patient Care and Surgical Services, LRGHealthcare

Dr. Krupa and his TaraVista HealthPartners team have consistently provided steady leadership to deliver care that is both cost effective and focused on quality.  Our longstanding partnership, over 20 years, is demonstrative of the personal attention that Michael gives to each of his clients.

- Mark L. Goldstein, President, Anna Jaques Hospital

We’re Here to Care

Behavioral health services are essential for health care organizations, hospitals and community agencies to offer in today's post pandemic environment. TaraVista HealthPartners can help strengthen existing programs and create new capacity to meet the needs of your patients and the communities that rely on you for integrated comprehensive care.